Starting July 7th maintenance will be spraying for weeds around the following buildings: Central Office, TBJH, AHS, Stadium and fields. Please avoid areas where signs are posted. Spaying should end August 4th, weather permitting.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Alpena Public Schools is accepting SCHOOLS OF CHOICE applications for non-resident students for all grades in all schools for all programs under SECTIONS 105 and 105c.  Applications will be accepted from August 1, 2017 through September 8, 2017.  Enrollment documents may be obtained at 2373 Gordon Road, Alpena between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday or online at  Completed paperwork must be submitted at 2373 Gordon Road within the application period.  For additional information, call Angie at 989-358-5025.

ATTENTION AHS STUDENTS: Student lists for AP Euro, AP Gov, AP Lang/Comp and AP Psych are available HERE.

Welcome to First Grade!
First grade may be the most critical year in your child’s education. Literacy is the focus in first grade, and the love of reading will encourage success throughout the rest of your child’s school career and life! A whole new world opens to first graders as they begin to read, write, and understand math concepts. First graders are also learning how to interact with peers and adults in the school setting. By the end of the year, they will have many skills to work and share with others.

Communication Arts
At the first grade level, language skills and understandings are developed primarily through a variety of interactive language activities. Students will LEARN to read for enjoyment, to gather new information, and to learn new procedures. Getting ideas on paper is a major focus for first graders. This is accomplished by writing TO children, writing WITH children and providing a print-rich environment FOR children.

By the end of first grade, children are expected to be proficient with basic addition facts (0-12) using their choice of strategies. They should also be able to write and read numbers 1 through 99 and demonstrate an understanding of the place value of these numbers. First graders use a variety of manipulatives to explore these concepts.

First graders have a natural interest in Science. Students will gain an increased knowledge of Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science. They will learn and apply the steps of the Scientific Method while learning about animal classification, using toys and forces, gardens and plants, soil and rocks. Much of our K-2 Science curriculum is taught through literature, language, and mathematics experiences.

Social Studies
Students will expand their knowledge of families and be introduced to the concept of neighborhoods in first grade. These studies will provide students with the necessary skills for being a responsible family and neighborhood member, thereby learning skills for being a good citizen. Much of our K-2 Social Studies curriculum is taught through literature, language, and mathematics experiences.

Art & Music
In Music class, children will learn new and traditional songs and be introduced to basic musical principles. Art is a fun time to learn about a variety of media and be exposed to the work of important artists. Each class is held once a week.

Physical Education & Health
Twice a week, children participate in PE class, building on their knowledge of team sports and individual physical skills. Be sure to send appropriate footwear for PE days. Weekly Health classes teach the children about the negative effects of drugs, the importance of personal safety, and skills for making friends and getting along with others.

Assessment & Reporting
All APS students in grades K-3 are assessed in Reading, Writing, and Math using a combination of national, State, and locally developed tools. Parents are kept informed through regular progress reports and conferences.


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