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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Alpena Public Schools is accepting SCHOOLS OF CHOICE applications for non-resident students for all grades in all schools for all programs under SECTIONS 105 and 105c.  Applications will be accepted from August 1, 2017 through September 8, 2017.  Enrollment documents may be obtained at 2373 Gordon Road, Alpena between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday or online at  Completed paperwork must be submitted at 2373 Gordon Road within the application period.  For additional information, call Angie at 989-358-5025.

ATTENTION AHS STUDENTS: Student lists for AP Euro, AP Gov, AP Lang/Comp and AP Psych are available HERE.

Welcome to Second Grade!
During this school year, students will be working on their responsibility skills as well as their academics. A big part of growing up is taking responsibility for one’s actions. In connection with our Social Studies curriculum, where students learn respect for self and others, we stress personal responsibility with our students. As they are “growing up,” we hope that students will begin to take more ownership of their actions and their schoolwork.

Communication Arts
In the second grade we have two main goals: to develop reading fluency, and to learn to write a proper paragraph. Strong reading and writing skills are the backbone of a child's future education. Students learn to construct a paragraph using the writing process, which teaches students the steps of selecting a topic, pre-writing strategies, drafting, self-editing, and publishing. Each finished paragraph must have a clear beginning, middle, and end with proper capitalization and punctuation.

Students are introduced to the concept of regrouping (parents may remember this as "borrowing" and "carrying"). By the end of the second grade, students should be able to add and subtract two-digit numbers with regrouping. Students will demonstrate proficiency in basic addition and subtraction facts from 0-18.

Students study three units in Science class covering the topics of animal habitats, matter, Earth science, and extinct animals. Throughout the year, hands-on activities help students practice the Scientific Method. Much of our K-2 Science curriculum is taught through literature, language, and mathematics experiences.

Social Studies
In second grade, we introduce the concept of communities. Through the study of biographies, students learn about the lives of famous Americans. At this grade level, students begin to understand the need for rules and laws. Through the study of core democratic values, students learn to develop respect for themselves and for others. Much of our K-2 Social Studies curriculum is taught through literature, language, and mathematics experiences.

Art & Music
This year, students continue to be exposed to the fine arts in Music and Art classes, which are each held once a week.

Physical Education & Health
Twice a week, children participate in PE class, continuing the refinement of large motor skills such as hopping, skipping, and jumping. In the second grade, students begin to learn the skills of working as a part of a group and the basics of sports skills. Weekly Health classes teach the children about the senses of seeing and hearing. Students begin to understand handicaps - deafness and blindness specifically - as a connection to the senses they are learning about. The importance of cleanliness, exercise, and nutrition are stressed as well.

Assessment & Reporting
All APS students in grades K-3 are assessed in Reading, Writing, and Math using a combination of national, State, and locally developed tools. Parents are kept informed of academic progress through regular progress reports and conferences.


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