Starting July 7th maintenance will be spraying for weeds around the following buildings: Central Office, TBJH, AHS, Stadium and fields. Please avoid areas where signs are posted. Spaying should end August 4th, weather permitting.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Alpena Public Schools is accepting SCHOOLS OF CHOICE applications for non-resident students for all grades in all schools for all programs under SECTIONS 105 and 105c.  Applications will be accepted from August 1, 2017 through September 8, 2017.  Enrollment documents may be obtained at 2373 Gordon Road, Alpena between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday or online at  Completed paperwork must be submitted at 2373 Gordon Road within the application period.  For additional information, call Angie at 989-358-5025.

ATTENTION AHS STUDENTS: Student lists for AP Euro, AP Gov, AP Lang/Comp and AP Psych are available HERE.

Graduation Requirements

Courses required for graduation* from Alpena High School are listed below. See our Course Catalog for more details about graduation requirements, personal curricula and a full list of courses offered at AHS. It is the student’s responsibility to see that all graduation requirements are met.

Subject Course Credits
English English Language Arts 9 1.0
  English Language Arts 10 1.0
  English Language Arts 11 1.0
  English Language Arts Electives 1.0
Math Algebra I 1.0
  Geometry 1.0
  Algebra II 1.0
  Math-Related Course (Sr. Year) 1.0
Science Intro to Chemistry & Physics 1.0
  Biology 1.0
  Chemistry OR Physics 1.0
Social Studies US History/Geography 1.0
  World History/Geography 1.0
  Government 1.0
  Economics 1.0
 Health/PE Health 0.5
  Physical Education 0.5
Arts Choose from approved list 1.0
Foreign Language    Choose from approved list 2.0

*Total Possible Credits = 30
Credits Required for Graduation = 27

Class Determination

Students are placed in the class appropriate to their years in high school and their credits earned.

  • 9th grade – First year student.
  • 10th grade – Second year student AND 6.5 credits or more.
  • 11th grade – Third year student AND 13.0 credits or more.
  • 12th grade – Fourth year student within 8 credits of graduating.

No student will be promoted to the status of “graduated” unless all graduation requirements are met. Transfer students will have credits reviewed and years of high school attendance evaluated to determine proper placement.

Program Planning

It is important that you and your parents think through your goals and future plans and work in partnership with your AHS counselor. Your Educational Development Plan (EDP) will assist you to set goals and to plan effectively for the future. Your course selections will need to satisfy our graduation requirements as well as reflect your unique interests, skills, and abilities. You will update your EDP with your Counselor on a yearly basis.

A 4-year Educational Development Plan (EDP) is intended to assist parents and students in planning the high school program. These plans will assist students in choosing courses during high school. Students and families can access EDP’s online at Login: alpena Password: wildcats

NOTE: In addition to the initial login, each student has a unique EDP login and password.

AHS Staff have developed a system of Career Pathways to help guide students in their course selection in high school. Students may utilize a variety of career education materials including interest surveys, Career Cruising, and various test results as tools in selecting a Career Pathway. In addition, students will benefit from input from their parents, teachers, counselors, from experience in prior classes, personal interests, and job shadowing. Students will initially select a Career Pathway during the 8 th grade. Alpena High School uses Michigan’s six (6) broad career pathways. They are:

  • Arts & Communication
  • Business, Management, Marketing, & Technology
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, & Industrial Technology
  • Health Services
  • Human Services
  • Natural Resources & Agriscience
Our Course Catalog has more details information about career planning and a full list of courses offered at AHS.


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