OUR MISSION: We, the staff of Ella White School, share the commitment to provide a learning environment in which students can attain their highest academic and personal potential. We believe our school's purpose is to create enthusiasm for life-long learning, to develop good judgment, to build respect for self and others, to promote culture awareness and technical literacy in preparation for the world of work. We believe communication and strong working relationships among staff, students, parents, and community are vital to the attainment of these goals.


Ella White School is a K-5 elementary school located in the city of Alpena. It has an enrollment of about 450 students, with as many as half the students living within walking distance of this neighborhood school.

This school is an established facility in the community, having been built in 1950 with additions constructed in the late 50's/early 60's and again in the 90’s. Although located in the City of Alpena, Ella White benefits from having large grounds featuring a well-equipped playground and a nature area. At the present time, our facility is used to its capacity, including after-hours usage by the community, parents and students.